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Gundu Dube & Pamacheche Legal Practitioners was established in Gweru in 1998 and has been in operation since the date of its registration. The law firm has expanded and is still undergoing expansion. . The firm operates under the Partnership of Forward Gundu, Brian Dube, Wellington T. Davira and Takashinga Pamacheche , the assistance of four professional assistants and a paralegal officer as they more fully appear here.


Our Vision is to be universally acknowledged as a leading corporate and legal advisory service provider by rendering a variety of excellent innovative services to the satisfaction of our clients and the community at large. In particular, our firm has committed itself to become more representative of the Zimbabwean population and conform to the stipulations of the Constitution of our nation.


We have a mission to lead in the respect and development of our laws, to ensure that justice is served to all our clients and the nation at large.

We have a mission to ensure the development of our local advisory services and the law in tandem with the global trends.

We aim to provide comprehensive legal services to all our clients and ensure that all their legal needs are catered for diligently, efficiently and effectively.



In pursuance of our vision and mission, we value professionalism in bringing justice to all our clients.


To achieve our vision and mission, we value that our conduct shall be beyond reproach.


In pursuit of our vision, we strive to work diligently to serve the interests of justice to the satisfaction of our clients.


In serving the interests of our valued clients and that of justice, we are committed to honesty and transparency in dealing with our valued clients.


We are committed to respecting all our valued clients in pursuit of our vision and mission.


We value humility as a key to effectively serve our valued clients.